Paradigm Shift Paranormal

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Paradigm Shift Paranormal Investigations

A Paradigm Shift is a major change from one way of thinking to another.

Our personal experiences can transform our lives.

Join us in our journey into the paranormal.

We are a small group of experienced, dedicated, science based investigators who are here to help if you are experiencing something you cannot explain at no cost to you, we are here to help.
We are based in SE Wisconsin and will travel to help you if possible and if not we will refer you to someone competent who can.
Our goal is helping people who are experiencing things they cannot explain
and maybe finding some answers along the way.......evidence that there are spirits among us.
We treat our clients and the spirits with respect, we never provoke nor utilize items such as Ouija boards.
We arrive quietly without fanfare, investigate your location thoroughly and provide you with any evidence we gather.
Your well being and privacy are our prime concern, we never share names, locations or evidence that will identify you unless given permission by our clients.
It is for this reason you will not likely see many photographs or lists of the investigations we have done on this site.

       My name is Deb and my partner and husband is Jim. So many questions, we hope to find some answers along the way!

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